Mojan Dried Fruit

Who Are We :

Mojan dried fruit company

Being the most updated producing and packing company, Mojan dried food company started to work in 2007 in Iran. By offerring natural products and taking advantage of the best technology and the help of our experienced and compassionate managers, Mojan intends to satisfy the needs of the consumers and to fulfill their expectatios in a healthy competition. Due to Increasing efforts and many years of experience, the products of this company have found a unique place in dried food market and Mojan was able to stabilise its position in the process of the growth and improvement of the industry of our country, Iran.

Firtst and best producer of dried fruits and dried sliced fruits in Iran.

Exporting dried fruits to America, Canada, UAE, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, China, Iraq, Japan, Mexico.

client orientation and being concerned about the health of the produced materials made Mojan to consider quality factors and standards to reach an increase in international and domestic standards. Outstanding quality of the products, the best and most fresh fruits from the most fertile places in Iran, knowing the best time to harvest and having the most efficient and knowledgeable staff will assist Mojan to be in the peak of dried food industry.

Address : No B11 ,4th Arghavan St, NasirAbad Industrial Park, Robatkarim, Tehran, Iran

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