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Iran Dried Fruit Company

Iran dry fruits company(Mojan)

High-quality natural food from a reliable and experienced retailer: This is exactly what you get from Iran dry fruits company (Mojan). In our organic food delivery, we offer you numerous products of the best quality. Regardless of whether you are looking for dried fruit in raw food quality, want to supplement your healthy diet with organic superfood, or just occasionally nibble on exotic dried fruits – in our range, you have the choice and can easily combine fresh, high-quality goods order fair price.

Dried fruits, nuts, and more: discover organic dried fruits and other healthy highlights in our range.

Many years of experience in Mojan dried fruit company not only ensure that we are very familiar with our goods and their quality, but also that we have been able to build up a reliable network of selected suppliers. We know exactly where our organic dried fruits, nuts, and other products come from and have high standards so that you can fully rely on taste, freshness, and digestibility.

Dietary diversity in Mojan dried fruit company

In Iran dry fruits company (Mojan) you can find an assortment of nuts and freeze-dried dried fruits from conventional cultivation as well as organic dried fruits in raw food quality and other organic products that are suitable for a balanced, healthy diet. Our goods are also suitable for a vegan diet. Above all, our range of organic superfoods can support you with valuable vitamins and nutrients.

Dried coconut fruit

Very high quality

With us, you will find high-quality dried fruits, nuts, snacks, and more, particularly affordable bulk packs.

All of our products, which are always carefully and lovingly selected for you, have a particularly long shelf life. On the one hand, because they were naturally preserved by the gentle drying. And on the other hand, because we deliver them to you in practical, resealable packs.

So you can be sure that you will enjoy maximum enjoyment for a long time!

Excellent packaging

With, you can rely on a specialist for dried fruits, organic cocoa powder, organic cocoa nibs, nuts, and dried fruit from organic cultivation, who is committed to protecting the environment when it comes to packaging. We deliberately do without any extra and outer packaging and deliver your goods optimally protected in simple plastic packaging suitable for organic food.

Discover the whole variety of dried fruit, nuts, and other natural food products and order them easily

Our organic, natural food shipping supplies you with high-quality organic dried fruits, nuts, and superfoods also in raw food quality. You order easily and securely via our shop and receive your goods after a short time. Short delivery routes and active warehouse management ensure that our goods are always fresh and enable you to enjoy high quality.

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Do you have any questions about our dried fruit, our organic superfoods, our organic dried fruits, or our shop in general? Then contact us via our hotline. We would be happy to assist you personally and advise you on our range.