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Cranberry Ginger

280,000 تومان
SKU: MT-۱۱۶

Dried Coconut Fruit

260,000 تومان
SKU: MT-101

Dried Cranberry

545,000 تومان
SKU: MT-103

Dried Kiwi Fruit Cubes

Without any additives, food coloring and sugar.

Dried Mango Vubes

No additives, no sugar and no food coloring

100% dried mango fruit itself

Plum Pieces

150,000 تومان

One hundred percent dried plum fruit

Without any additives, sugar, food coloring

Completely natural and organic

Tropical Dried Fruit Mix

245,000 تومان
SKU: M1921

Wholesale Dried Apple Cubes

Without any additives and the apple fruit itself is crushed

No sugar and food coloring

Healthy snack and diet


Prepared by Mojan Food Industries