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Aloe Vera Chips

245,000 تومان
SKU: MT-110

Cheese Shrimp Chips

190,000 تومان
SKU: MT-119

Cranberry Ginger

280,000 تومان
SKU: MT-۱۱۶

Dried Banana

610,000 تومان
SKU: M664

Produced in Mojan collection

Dried Blueberries

850,000 تومان
SKU: MT-102

Dried Coconut Fruit

260,000 تومان
SKU: MT-101

Dried Cranberry

545,000 تومان
SKU: MT-103

Dried Green Pomelo

230,000 تومان
SKU: MT-100

Dried Mango Vubes

No additives, no sugar and no food coloring

100% dried mango fruit itself

Dried Yellow Cherries

270,000 تومان
SKU: MT1919

Dried Yellow Pineapple

225,000 تومان
SKU: MT-111

Ginger crunch

230,000 تومان
SKU: MT-114

Goji Berries

250,000 تومان
SKU: MT1920

Indian Nuts

135,000 تومان
SKU: MT-۱۱۳

Japanese Almonds

240,000 تومان
SKU: MT-109

Lemon Peel

225,000 تومان
SKU: MT-117

Malaysian Nuts

155,000 تومان
SKU: MT-۱۰۶

Mango Slice

245,000 تومان
SKU: MT-118

Mixed Tropical Fruit Chips

245,000 تومان
SKU: MT-108