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Dried Apple

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SKU: M657

• A good source of dietary fiber • Suitable for the highest quality • A good source of antioxidants • Naturally sweet • Blood sugar control

Product by Mojan

Dried Apricot

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SKU: M654

 Effective in reducing weight loss and fat  Boosting immunity system Improves skin health  A high-energy snack  A source rich in vitamins A and E Produced by the Mojan company from Iran-tehran

Dried Banana

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SKU: M664

Produced in Mojan collection

Dried Broad Beans

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SKU: M1919
Dried Broad Beans This page is about the specific health benefits of new dried Mojan beans, commonly known as green

Dried Coconut Fruit

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SKU: M666
  • Produced in Mojan food industry
  • Best quality and price guarantee
  • Export to more than 10 countries, including America And Canada
  • Has a health apple logo

Dried Kiwi Fruit Cubes

Without any additives, food coloring and sugar.


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SKU: M659

Discover the dried kiwi fruit market, including where to buy, cost, and Mojan Dried Fruit, a leading producer in Iran. Dried kiwi slices are a popular, healthy snack choice.

Dried Lemon

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SKU: M662
Of the benefits of dried lemon; Strengthen the immune system What do you know about the benefits of dried lemon?

Dried Lemon Slices

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SKU: M633
Dried lemon slices properties The dried lemon slices are made from yellow-skinned oval fruit. In terms of taste and characteristics,

Dried Mango

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SKU: M64

Dried Mango fruit _Tropical fruit _ Rich in vitamin A. _ Help digestion _ A crisp and delicious snack _ Skin health _Prevention of heart disease Produced in Mojan collection

Dried Melon

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SKU: M646

Dried melon fruit _A light and sweet snack _Potassium-rich _Full of nutrients

Product By Mojan

Dried Mixed Fruit

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SKU: M1005

Fantastic quality

Regular slices without fragility

Soft, delicious and fresh

Excellent and popular flavor

Just try once


Dried Nectarine Fruit

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SKU: M701
avor the goodness of our premium Dried Nectarines. Packed with natural sweetness and essential nutrients. From Mojan Food Industries, your trusted source since 2008. Taste excellence today!

Dried Onions

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SKU: M700
Dried onions Mojan store is a supplier of the highest quality dried vegetables and fruits. Today we are going to

Dried Orange

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SKU: M651

_heart health

_Contains vitamin C


0989125136559 : Moghadam

Dried Peaches

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SKU: IR642

These dried peaches are a healthy and delicious snack made from ripe peaches, packed with vitamins and minerals.

Dried Pears

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SKU: M660

0989125136559 :Moghadam

Dried Persimmons Fruit

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SKU: M653
Dried persimmons fruit
  • Natural and delicious
  • Sweet
  • Excellent source of powerful antioxidants
  • Full of food

Dried Pineapple

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_Prevention of heart disease

_Helps to lose weight


00989125136559 :Moghadam

Dried Pineapple

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SKU: M644
Dried Fruit Properties Compote de Pineapple The dried pineapple fruit, which is consumed frozen, uncooked, or dry, contains vitamins A,