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Cranberry Ginger

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Discover the dried kiwi fruit market, including where to buy, cost, and Mojan Dried Fruit, a leading producer in Iran. Dried kiwi slices are a popular, healthy snack choice.

Dried Lemon

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Of the benefits of dried lemon; Strengthen the immune system What do you know about the benefits of dried lemon?

Dried Lemon Slices

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Dried lemon slices properties The dried lemon slices are made from yellow-skinned oval fruit. In terms of taste and characteristics,

Dried Peaches

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These dried peaches are a healthy and delicious snack made from ripe peaches, packed with vitamins and minerals.

Dried Pears

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Dried Quince Slices

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Dried Yellow Apples with skin

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Yellow apple With mojan skin

Unique, delicious and delicious products

quality degree Dried fruits for export