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‏The best fresh fruits from the most fertile regions of Iran, knowledge of harvest seasons and skilled and knowledgeable employees will always help Mojan at the peak of the dried fruit, fruit and vegetable industry.


Export of dried fruits

Mojan is proud to export dried fruits and fruit slices to more than 10 countries. Export to USA, Canada, UAE, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, China, Iraq, Japan.


Excellent support

Customer focused and the importance of product health, made Mojan always consider quality factors in order to improve and increase the level of domestic and international standards.


Best price guarantee

Excellent quality and reasonable price are the main factors of Mojan’s success in the field of dried fruit and fruit slices production .

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Mojan Product

Broken Mixed Nuts

75,000 تومان

Dried Apple

SKU: M657
370,000 تومان

Dried Apricot

SKU: M654
360,000 تومان

Dried Banana

SKU: M664
610,000 تومان

Dried Broad Beans

SKU: M1919
470,000 تومان

Dried Coconut Fruit

SKU: M666
460,000 تومان


SKU: M659
610,000 تومان

Dried Lemon

SKU: M662
300,000 تومان

Dried Lemon Slices

SKU: M633
285,000 تومان

Dried Mango

SKU: M64
1,670,000 تومان

Dried Melon

SKU: M646
225,000 تومان

Dried Mixed Fruit

SKU: M1005
260,000 تومان

Dried Nectarine Fruit

SKU: M701
360,000 تومان

Dried Onions

SKU: M700
270,000 تومان

Dried Orange

SKU: M651
235,000 تومان

Dried Peaches

SKU: IR642
380,000 تومان

Dried Pears

SKU: M660
305,000 تومان

Dried Persimmons Fruit

SKU: M653
410,000 تومان

Dried Pineapple

1,400,000 تومان

Dried Pineapple

SKU: M644
700,000 تومان

Dried Plum

490,000 تومان

Dried Quince Slices

SKU: m649
370,000 تومان

Dried Red Apples

SKU: M648
260,000 تومان

Dried Tangerine

SKU: M10001
230,000 تومان

Dried Tomatoes

SKU: M6613
300,000 تومان

Dry Thomson Oranges

SKU: M650
210,000 تومان

Mixed Dried Fruit

SKU: Mojan64
155,000 تومان310,000 تومان

Tropical Dried Fruit

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